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Episode 12 -- Kris's Advice on Life with Guest Patti Davis

In episode 12 of "Conversations with Kris," Patti Davis and I had a conversation where she interviewed me with a series of questions to better understand my perspective on various life experiences and hear my stories.

Throughout this podcast series, I've shared my insights and experiences on a variety of topics such as addiction, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth. With Patti's help, I delved deeper into my own life experiences and shared my thoughts on how I've navigated through some of life's challenges.

During our conversation, I shared my views on forgiveness, and how important it is to let go of grudges to move on and grow. We also discussed my approach to handling rejection and how it's essential to not take it personally while remaining focused on personal goals.

I also shared my perspective on spirituality and finding inner peace, and how it's essential to seek out our own spiritual paths and explore our beliefs. I emphasized the power of gratitude and the importance of cultivating a positive mindset.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and advice based on my own life experiences. Patti's questions helped guide our conversation and allowed me to share my perspective in an authentic and engaging way. I highly recommend this episode of "Conversations with Kris" to anyone interested in personal growth, spirituality, and self-improvement.




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Namaste 🙏🏼 Kris

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