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Episode 3 -- Fear (Part 1)

Welcome back to another episode of Conversations with Kris! In our third episode, we dive deep into the topic of fear. Fear can be a powerful emotion that can either hold us back or push us forward, and it's important to understand how to navigate it in our daily lives.

As a father, veteran, international yoga teacher, and multi-business owner, fear has been a constant companion throughout my life. In this episode, I share some of my own experiences with fear and how I've learned to manage it over the years.

One of the key points that we discuss is the idea that fear is often rooted in the unknown. When we're faced with a new situation or challenge, our brains can automatically default to fear as a way to protect us. But by recognizing this, we can start to reframe our thinking and approach the situation with a more curious and open mindset.

We also talk about the importance of vulnerability when it comes to fear. It can be scary to admit our fears and share them with others, but it's often the first step towards overcoming them. By being vulnerable and honest with ourselves and those around us, we can start to break down the walls that fear has built up.

Throughout the episode, we also explore different techniques and practices for managing fear, including mindfulness, meditation, and physical movement. By taking care of our minds and bodies, we can build up resilience and strength that can help us face our fears with more confidence and clarity.

I hope you all enjoy this episode and gain some valuable insights into managing fear in your own lives. Don't forget to subscribe to Conversations with Kris on Spotify, iTunes, IHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, and other popular podcast platforms so you never miss an episode. Until next time, stay present and stay curious.

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Namaste 🙏🏼 Kris

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