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Kristopher Pace

International Yoga Instructor, Hand Balancer, and Acro Balancer

About Kris

My name is Kris Pace and I have been practicing yoga since 2000. It started out as a periodic practice that I incorporated into my training routine, but it quickly became a daily practice in my life.  Upon completion of my 200-hour Teacher training, I began to teach and spent the next 12 months teaching classes everyday. 


After the first year as a teacher, I began to expand my knowledge and understanding of the human body.  I began pursuing trainings with all the best teachers, shaman, and healers that I could find around the world.  I also began to develop a daily inversion practice which has led me to become a hand and arm balancer. 


It was after teaching 1000 hours of yoga that I realized it was time to travel and share the messages I had learned with yogis and practitioners from around the world. Since then I have gone on to teach in the most amazing places such as Singapore, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico, and of course in the USA in the biggest and best cities, Los Angelas, Miami, and New York City. 


My focus as a yoga teacher is always placed in the correct alignment and balance of the body.  I pursue the highest understanding of the body's ability to move, align, and strengthen.  Because of my training in the US Military, martial arts, Crossfit, as well as a multitude of other physical activities combined with my practice as a yogi, acrobat, and hand balancer, I enjoy sharing the wealth of information and knowledge I have to everyone in which I come in contact. 


I am blessed to be able to offer so much love and encouragement from the mat and I hope to be sharing it during a practice with each of you soon. 

“I always tell my students..., I am not anyone's yoga teacher. I am my own yoga teacher. I only am here to share what I've learned about myself from myself with them so that, hopefully, they can become their own yoga teacher.”

Kris Pace

Seeker + Sage: YMS x Fierce Calm: S2




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